I deeply admire the simple and sensitive music of classic American songwriters including John Denver and James Taylor. I yearn for minimalism and honesty in the songs I write. I write about my own hope, my own pain, places I've been, and people I've loved. When I have my guitar in my hands, breath in my lungs, and a story in my heart, everything makes sense and everything matters.

Friendship and community enrich my life and music, and I embrace that with the help of my dear friend and longtime collaborator Tim Poole. I enjoy photography and exploring the outdoors, and incorporate those pastimes into my art whenever possible.

If you happen upon my music, thank you for your time and attention. I hope that I have something worthy to offer you—to make you smile, to ease your pain, or to feed your wonder.


Michael LaBella is an independent folk songwriter from Pennsylvania who has performed extensively in the northeast US since 2018. In November 2018, he released the album 'Skippack' under the project LaBella & Poole with his friend and longtime collaborator Tim Poole. In 2020 he released the self-produced solo EP, 'There's a Morning.' In early 2021 he released the singles 'Appalachia' and 'Catskills,' and in May 2021 released his first self-produced LP 'Appalachia.' Michael is currently performing shows in Pennsylvania and New Jersey during the summer of 2021.